GPU-Z is an utility designed to give you all information about your video card
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GPU-Z is a small but functional program that will let you know in detail all the available information of your video card and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).
The program's interface is intuitive. From there you will be able to view the information about your video card perfectly classified: Card name, Bios version, device ID, memory type, driver version, and etc. Also, when you place your mouse over each information box, a small balloon will be displayed with more details.

Furthermore, if your BIOS supports it, you can save all information to a file, or send it to an online database.

A new feature in this version is that some check boxes have been added to show availability of OpenCL, NVIDIA CUDA, NVIDIA PhysX hardware acceleration, and DirectXcompute.

Another new feature added is that the application now has sensors to monitor the GPU load percentages. That is, the program can monitor the GPU core clock and the GPU memory clock. Besides, these data can be saved to file.

Finally, other improvements were added to this latest version. For example, the application has full support for new versions of video cards such as NVIDIA, ATI, Intel, etc.. Also, many internal bugs have been fixed.

Daniel Mantilla
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This program has been superseded by TechPowerUp GPU-Z

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  • The program displays detailed information about you video card and GPU
  • The program can monitor the GPU core clock and the GPU memory clock


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